About Jason

Seriously you should leave this page! I'm not your so called "GURU" when it comes to internet marketing.

If you're looking for the GURU with the big house and the 5 exotic cars in the driveway, I'm not your guy!

I drive a "Toyota Rav 4" and live in a quiet little town in Missouri hauling my kid to and from soccer games.

Now I know you're probably thinking... Can this guy actually help me with internet marketing?

Actually NOT until...

  • You clear your head of all the shiny objects you've been sold for years.
  • You treat internet marketing like a "Real Business"
  • You STOP selling to people and start helping them solve actual problems.
  • You quit procrastinating and really "Do Shit!"

Are You Still Here?

I discovered internet marketing in 2009 and struggled for over 7 years. I almost quit multiple times.

When I finally figured out the whole internet marketing thing, I started making income consistently.

Fast forward to now. I have a thriving online business that I love running which is mainly hands off.

Friends and family started asking me what I was doing. Everyone probably thought I was selling drugs, LOL.

I shared my knowledge with the ones that were serious. They started making consistent sales daily.

It got me thinking... If I could go back to 2009 when I was struggling and use the knowledge and the wisdom I have now, I would have found success 10 times faster.

If you're ready to start your internet marketing journey,

I want to help you build a successful internet marketing business.

No catch, No B.S. just actionable steps to create a profitable and fulfilling business online.


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